Enabling our youth to make positive life choices

home rotate4The Rising Stars Process is designed to help today's youth develop their personal leadership skills and begin to set goals and directions for their lives beginning at an earlier age. Leadership is essential in enabling youth to develop character, confidence, and values that promote the understanding of healthy behavior.

The Rising Stars process has been developed by Resource Associates Corporation, a company dedicated to helping organizations and individuals manage strategic change, innovation, cultural transition, and goal achievement.

Rising Stars is an innovative and unique inside-out self-development process. This research-based approach focuses on three critical elements that promote personal leadership, healthy behaviors, and the skills employers identify as essential. These elements are developed, applied, and reinforced throughout the process and through a follow-up process to strengthen and perpetuate successful behaviors.

If you, your school, faculty, or staff have an interest in bringing our Rising Stars youth leadership development program into your learning institute that will not only give your students a superior advantage during their continuing education, but also allow them to create the foundation for success in adulthood, please feel free to contact us for a complimentary consultation so we may assess your needs and provide you with your outline for success.